Health & Safety

PMI Singapore Chapter is committed to delivering this anticipated in-person event while ensuring your health & safety are our highest priority. As government guidelines and industry best practices evolve on the prevention of COVID-19 (as well as other viruses and illnesses), we will be updating our procedures to deliver the best possible experience for you.

We must all take responsibility to stop infections from spreading and we thank you for doing your part. Together we can emerge stronger. This page was created to help you understand more about what the in-person event may entail.

Even though there is a lot of information here, it actually doesn't differ much from the daily socialising regulations we live with. What is more, we can assure you that our Symposium Committee has personal experience with MICE event attendance during current times and decided it is very well worth the effort. 

We are proud to partner with Marina Bay Sands Singapore again this year, they are a certified SG SafeEvents venue by SACEOS. It is also SG Clean certified. 

Our Welcome Desk Staff will test daily during the Symposium. 

Before you book in-person

  • This event is still only for fully vaccinated adults to keep our community protected.
    • For avoidance of doubt, this means that individuals will have received the full regimen of Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnatry, Moderna/Spikevax or WHO EUL vaccines, with an additional two weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective. Please make sure to be within your minimum protection period by getting booster(s). 
    • Pre-event tests (PET) or anything else is not accepted in lieu of being vaccinated
  • All participants agree to safe distancing & health measures issued by relevant authorities in Singapore. This includes, but is not limited to, the possible use of masks, keeping social distancing and adhering to Safe Management Measures (SMM).
  • Tickets are purchased per zone for entire event - decide which zone you want to book into as there is:
    • staggered arrival time specific to each zone;
    • let us know if you'd like to be seated with a friend / colleague. 

Before you go

  • Ensure you are well.
    • You are not required to do an ART / PCR test. You are of course welcome to.
    • Ensure you do not have a fever, breathing difficulties or suspect that you have COVID-19 or another infectious disease.
    • In case you are recuperating from COVID-19 prior to the event, please ensure you are cleared to be social.
    • If you become aware that you have been in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case within 3-4 days prior to the event, please do not come for in-person event. Contact us.
  • Commit to complying with any Quarantine Orders, Health Risk Warnings and Health Risk Alerts (and the like).
  • If you cannot attend for safety / health reasons in relation to COVID-19, please inform us without delay. We will grant you access to the simultaneous live virtual experience instead and once you provide proof of home test or a doctor's note later - refund the price difference.
  • Bring your confirmation email with the QR code (mobile okay, don't need to print out)
  • Bring your ID
  • Bring your badge on day 2 to speed up your entry and help save the environment (so we don't have to print again)

During the Symposium

  • Arrive during the time slot assigned to your zone
  • Your badge must to be visible at all times - it has your zone & table assignment on it
  • If you become unwell, please inform the friendly volunteers
  • All participants are responsible for adhering to any Safe Management Measures
  • Mask wearing is currently optional (recommended in crowded settings)

After the Symposium

  • Please monitor your health for 7 days after the event. Should you test positive for COVID-19 or display any related symptoms (e.g. fever, coughing, breathing difficulties. rash), you are welcome to notify us as part of being socially responsible. We will pass this info to delegates seated nearby without mentioning your name.

For other information and updates, please refer the official sources, e.g.: