Academic Outreach Team

The Team

Our team is comprised of experienced project management professionals who are actively involved in promoting and encouraging Project Management skills and career paths in collaboration with various academic institutions in Singapore. Our team members are enthusiastic and share a common passion for inspiring and supporting the next generation of project professionals in Singapore, guiding them towards success and excellence.

Nick Hutchins

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Academic Outreach Chair

PMI SG Chapter

Saravanan Natarajprabu

Saravanan Natarajprabu LinkedIn

School Engagement

Committee Member
PMI SG Chapter                     

Kevin Ziegler

Kevin Ziegler LinkedIn

Student Membership, Sponsorship

PMI SG Chapter                     

Geoffrey Brown

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Student Competition

PMI SG Chapter                     

Vivian Poon

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Student Events, Chair  

PMI SG Chapter            

Lai Qunjie

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Student Events, Co-chair  

PMI SG Chapter                     

Yusak Rabin

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Committee Member
PMI SG Chapter                     

Academic Partners

PMI Singapore Chapter maintains strong partnerships with esteemed academic institutions in Singapore to actively coordinate events and engage students. Through these collaborations, we strive to offer students valuable project management resources, hands-on project experience, mentorship opportunities, and knowledge sharing initiatives. Together, we foster an environment that supports student involvement and facilitates their growth in the field of project management.

Hoo Chee Wai

Hoo Chee Wai LinkedIn   

Senior Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic

Brad Carey

Brad Carey LinkedIn   

Deputy Head of School, Curtin University

Lucy Law-Chan

Lucy Law-Chan LinkedIn   

Course Manager, ITE Central

Patrick Phang

Patrick Phang LinkedIn   

Course Chair, Temasek Polytechnic

Tan Chun Meng

James Cook University



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