Major Infrastructure & Industrial Projects SIG


To be the leading knowledge driver in the management of Major Infrastructure & Industrial Projects by the exchange of practices, ideas and thought leadership.


To build a Major Infrastructure & Industrial Projects community of practice, where professionals share their expertise, values, tools, and standard for collective learning.


large circular structure in open desert with blue skyPMI Singapore Chapter embarked upon the formation of a MIIP Specific Interest Group to address some of the MIIP challenges. The management of MIIPs requires a unique combination of business, leadership, and management skills to complement traditional project management methodologies.

The complexity of Major Infrastructure & Industrial Projects involves collaboration of a large group of professionals, leaders, stakeholders and decision-makers operating in a dynamic environment and faced with numerous political, technical and economic challenges.

Major Infrastructure and Industrial Projects typically are of long duration exceeding 4-6 years, involve complexity, multiple stakeholder involvement and significant capital investment often exceeding US$ 1bn. Examples of projects include airports, seaports, railways, highways, hydro-electric power plants, dams, solar power plants, oil and gas infrastructure, chemical, petrochemical complexes, semiconductor fabrication plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing complex and large utilities.

Key Activities

MIIP SIG supported by PMI Singapore Chapter aims to provide an independent platform where MIIP professionals can collaborate, exchange ideas and learn from experiences. This community of practice will form the backbone for the development of best practices and thought leadership which will be curated by a global Core Team of MIIP professionals supported by a global team of Subject Matter Experts

Key Benefits

  • Participants in this Community of Practice will benefit from seminars / webinars and discussions on topics related to the latest thinking and practices on MIIPs for Global Project Professional community to take part in this SIG.
  • Boost your competencies, collaborate with professionals to collectively learn the typical challenges facing MIIPs and how they can be overcome.
  • Community participants can also contribute to this MIIP SIG in the form of articles and by raising topics for discussion.
  • As the MIIP SIG community participation grows, so does the potential for greater collaboration and thought research.
  • Our Chapter looks forward to your active participation and growth of the MIIP Specific Interest Group.
  • PMI Singapore Chapter will moderate a LinkedIn group for professionals to network with the international community to exchange best practices within MIIPs.
  • We encourage you to join and help spread the word about this MIIP SIG to improve knowledge. 



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