PMI Singapore Chapter


About Singapore

Singapore has been transforming itself from a traditional trading post to the global capital of human talent. This island nation is home to many multinational companies who aspire to establish a presence in Asia - the center of global economic activity this century.

It is in this city-state where you will truly experience multiple cultures at an arms' length, day to day. Go to any of its hawker centers and your senses will be awakened - the aroma of dishes, the clunking of the wok against the stove, the rainbow of colors - these all blend together into a spicy, sweet, and sour rojak mixture 24/7.

Its dynamic community and proactive governance has catapulted Singapore into a manicured society purposely architectured to embrace the future. Singapore is the petri dish to many innovations and technologies powering the engine of industries around the world today.

Singapore cusps together the colorful past and the exciting future into a living tableau. Come on over. Define what Singapore is to you. Meet your fellow PM Professionals. And then tell the world about it.