PMI Singapore Chapter

COVID-19 Update


Your safety and well-being remains our top priority.

15th Symposium Committee addressed the situation after DORSCON level was raised to Orange by the Singapore Government and additional measures were implemented warranting deferral of non-essential big gatherings (7 Feb 2020). Instead of cancelling altogether, we are pleased to have been able to postpone to 27-28 August 2020.

>> As we monitor the situation, we are aware of the announcement made on 19 May 2020 in regards to re-opening in phases. We are waiting for further clarification and definitions that will be made public in the days to come. Rest assured that you will be contacted once there are more concrete details to share.  


What the new date means in practice:

  • If the new date suits you, simply mark your calendar accordingly.
    You don't need to do anything else. We moved your registration over and look forward to seeing you in August!

  • If unfortunately the new date does not fit your schedule:
    The cancellation grace period for refund requests ended on 23 February 2020, 11:59pm SGT. Original cancellation policy applies again. Name change is allowed, so you could find someone to take over your registration.

We thank you for your understanding. Your continuous support is important to us and the success of this Symposium.

PMI Singapore Chapter will continue to monitor COVID-19 developments. We will continue to rely on the Outbreak Response System DROSCON by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) to determine the risk management approach and follow any measures implemented. 

For information and updates, please refer the official sources, e.g.: