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Newsletter | 9 December 2016

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Newsletter7-SPMI-PoY2016-17 dated 09/Dec/2016- Prepared by: Hari Hara:

FINAL Week- Call for Entries for SPMI-POY 2016-17 Awards Nomination submission:  Not to miss this Opportunity!

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Get ready and ensure your Nomination Submission(s) to SPMI must reached by Friday 16th December 2016. Thanks to Government agencies as well as Corporate companies who have already submitted their Nomination, and take note that you allowed to revise and resubmit before deadlines. Stand out from your industry and Come forward to share your BEST PRACTICES in project management in this prestigious award competition in Singapore.
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The 3rd year SPMI POY awards honors outstanding and successful projects in 1) Business & Information Systems and 2) Engineering & Construction Categories, across various industries in Singapore. Expert Panel members will be reviewing your Nomination(s).


On behalf of SPMI, we invite your company’s participation and also support this year program.  


The SPMI POY award is well recognized and supported by EDB - Economic DevelopmentBoard, Singapore and NTUC-UAssociates.   


Thank you in advance for your interest to showcase your company’s Excellence in project management.

         Important nomination tips:

q  Designate an award lead nominator who gathers all necessary information, completes the Nomination form and submit by 16 Dec 2016, and acts as a liaison between SPMI and your project team.

q  Refer to the Project Eligibility Criteria per applicable category

q Justify in the Nomination form why you think your submission should receive the award.

q  The Project Nomination submission to SPMI is free of charge.

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To start with, it will be very beneficial to you share by this week with the below mentioned POY team:

  • Project name
  • Nomination leaders name, contact email, and phone number

Should you need any further information on Nomination or Sponsorship details, please do not hesitate to contact our Board of Director as well as POY Awards Chair Mr. Hari Hara (E-mail: Hariiyer10@pmi.org.sg)and submit your POY2016 Panel at poy@pmi.org.sg We look forward to receiving the nomination submission or your queries shortly.

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POY 2016-17 Results

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