Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process

  1. The evaluation process is governed by the following independent bodies comprising of experienced industry leaders.



Roles & Responsibilities

Judges Panel

Senior Executives from relevant industries

  • Govern the overall program.

  • Provide guidance to the Evaluation Committee and the program team in designing and executing the program.

  • Review the evaluation reports submitted by the Evaluation Committee and select the finalists & winners.

Evaluation Committee

Senior Project Managers / Directors from relevant industries

  • Review and approve the evaluation criteria and process.

  • Obtain necessary guidance from Judges Panel and perform an objective evaluation of the submitted projects.

  • Prepare the evaluation report and submit to the Judges Panel.



  1. The Evaluation Committee evaluates the project nominations according to the eligibility criteria and provides the evaluation report to the Judges Panel.

  2. The Judges Panel selects the finalists for each category; if needed the finalists may be required to provide more details and conduct presentations in front of the Judges Panel.

  3. Judges Panel selects the winner of each category.

Evaluation Guidelines