MIIP: Discovering How AI Advances Predictive Project Management Delivery | VIRTUAL

MIIP: Discovering How AI Advances Predictive Project Management Delivery | VIRTUAL

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MIIP Webinar #8: Discovering How AI Advances Predictive Project Management Delivery

Following our previous MIIP Series webinar on Exploring the Power of AI in Project Management, we are excited to announce a deeper dive into the role of AI in predictive project management delivery. We lined up a panel of international speakers who will delve into how AI will be incorporated into specific areas of project delivery. In today's competitive construction landscape, data-driven innovation has transformed various aspects of projects, including planning, design, controls, communication, and construction management.

This is your opportunity to learn how AI can empower you and your team to drive successful project delivery. Registration is sponsored by PMI Singapore Chapter and complimentary for you. Welcome to join this enlightening session.

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the basics of AI, importance of soft skills in AI & its implication for the project management community
  2. Understand how emerging AI issues can impact project delivery
  3. Integrate AI issues into construction management and project delivery
  4. Gain valuable knowledge on how 360 reality capture can transform the approach to project management, leading to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and ultimately, project success

Introduction by Moderator: Ms Lina Monica Ali, Digital Lead for Water & Env and Digital Technology Solution at Meinhardt, Singapore

Presentation 1: Demystify AI and understand the implications for the project management community (Declan Foster, CEO & Founder at Project Pal AI, Ireland)

Declan will demystify AI and explain how soft skills will become more critical and why we need to take an ethical approach to AI on our projects.

  • What is AI
  • History of AI
  • Explanation of the different components, using project management use cases
  • AI>Machine Learning >Artificial Neural Networks>Deep Learning
  • Chat GPT uses & Implications
  • Project Management Use Cases and Vendors
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Simulated conversations/role play
    • Summarising text
    • Other vendors/products and use cases
  • The Ethics of AI
  • Impacts on Roles/Jobs
  • How project managers can future-proof their careers

Presentation 2: How AI is enabling us to reimagine project delivery (Martin Paver, CEO & Co-Founder at Projecting Success, UK)

Rather than seeing project data analytics as a bolt on to existing processes, we have an opportunity to fundamentally reimagine how we work. What does this future look like, how do we get there and what should we do to prepare for it?

  • Some statistics on the scale of the opportunity.
  • An overview of recent developments in data and analytics within the UK.
  • An exploration into whether we should refine or reimagine project delivery.
  • The power of a collaborative approach.

Project delivery will change significantly in the next 5 years. What is your strategy to position yourself to leverage it? The opportunities are vast and almost limitless. Be bold and ambitious.

Presentation 3: Understanding the role of AI in construction management (Dr Bhargav Dave, Co-Founder & CEO at VisiLean, India / Europe)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought a wave of innovation in the construction industry. From generative design to automated drawing generation and quantity take-off, the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is witnessing the power of automation to streamline conventionally manual time-consuming processes. While the benefits are evident and starting to show across projects, it is important to understand the relevance of AI through well defined uses in each phase of construction project delivery.

With ever-growing start-ups bringing the next-best-thing in AI technology, we are starting to see promises specifically in the execution phase of automated progress tracking and performance analysis. While the potential is immense, the industry is starting to get overwhelmed with the plethora of options available.

AI brings with it the power to crunch data at speeds incomparable for manual processes to match to. However, the key here is the data and not just the efficiency. Outputs are solely driven by inputs and in construction, this fact plays a critical role in harnessing benefits from technology. To efficiently deploy AI in construction management, the core processes of planning, execution, monitoring and control require perfect alignment to ensure the data can provide learnings that are accurate, timely, and reliable, and not false-positives. Like any other technological intervention, the true potential of AI in construction will stem from the accurate deployment of its power through its integration and interfacing with people and processes.

Presentation 4: Revolutionising Project Management: How 360 Reality Capture Empowers Success (KC Ho, ASEAN Manager at OpenSpace.AI, Singapore)

This session will delve into the practical applications of 360 reality capture for PMs. The talk will showcase how this technology can unlock a range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Remote Visibility: Learn how PMs can virtually visit project sites, fostering closer monitoring and progress tracking regardless of location.
  • Streamlined Communication & Collaboration: Discover how 360 captures create a shared understanding of the site, improving communication and collaboration among stakeholders.
  • Efficient Progress Tracking & Documentation: Explore how 360 captures provide a visual record of progress, aiding in identifying deviations, tracking completion, and creating detailed handover documents.
  • Proactive Issue Identification & Resolution: See how 360 captures empower PMs to virtually pinpoint potential issues, facilitating faster resolution and minimizing delays.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Learn how the immersive nature of 360 captures allows PMs to assess spatial constraints, material needs, and plan logistics more effectively.
  • Enhanced Client Engagement: Discover how PMs can utilize 360 captures to share project progress with clients in a compelling and interactive way, fostering trust and transparency.

 About the Speakers and Panel:


Declan Foster
CEO & Founder
Project Pal AI



Mr Declan is an industry leader in project delivery and change management, providing consulting services to clients globally. He is ranked in the top 10 Thought Leaders in project management by Thinkers 360.

He is the co-author of Humology: How to put humans back at the heart of technology. Declan believes in lifelong learning and has recently studied Behavioural Economics and received an honours degree in Artificial Intelligence. He is currently studying AI for Business at Oxford University and he has over 25 years experience in project management.


Martin Paver

Martin Paver
CEO & Co-Founder
Projecting Success



Mr Martin is the Founder and CEO of Projecting Success, a leading authority on data-driven project delivery, working closely with professional bodies, government departments and industry to transform how projects are delivered. Martin has successfully managed multibillion-dollar projects, programmes and portfolios, across industries in the private and public sectors. He regularly advises government and the private sector on their transition to data driven project delivery.

A recognised thought leader, he was the Co-Chair and founding member of the Project Data Analytics Task Force and was named among the most influential people in data by DataIQ100 for 2 years running. He was co-author of the Peoplecert guide to PRINCE2 and AI and recently published a short book on next generation PMOs. Martin founded the >10,000 member Project Data Analytics Community and Project: Hack and is a member of APM's Data advisory group. Martin is a Fellow of the APM, with a range of qualifications in PRINCE2, Agile, Lean MSP, portfolio management, and holds an MBA in project management.


Bhargav Dave

Dr Bhargav Dave
Co-Founder & CEO
India / Europe



Dr Bhargav is the Co-Founder and CEO of VisiLean. With an early interest in computing, Bhargav started programming at the age of 11. The seeds of his career were planted during his graduation in Construction Technology from CEPT University, post which he began leading process improvement and lean implementation on projects.

With a Masters and PhD in Digitising Construction, Bhargav's research explorations focused on improving production on construction projects with lean construction methods aligned with information systems.

As of today, Bhargav has authored over 45 publications and led several research projects in the area. Work aside, he has a keen interest in photography, reading and travelling during his spare time.



ASEAN Manager
Openspace AI



With 15+ years in AEC, KC Ho leads OpenSpace.AI's ASEAN team. An architect with a tech passion, he's championed construction sector technology adoption. KC excels in strategic technology implementation across ASEAN. He fosters collaborations with governments and businesses, advising on integrating IoT, computational design, digital twins, and AI.

Beyond tech, he cultivates strategic partnerships, crafting bespoke consulting solutions to expand OpenSpace's reach. He champions project management and operational transformations using digital solutions. A strong collaborator, KC empowers organizations to scale through effective technology use. He thrives on human interaction and witnessing technology's positive impact. This fuels his drive for AEC industry digital transformation.


Lina Monica Ali

Lina Monica Ali
Digital Lead for Water & Env and Digital Technology Solution
Meinhardt Singapore



Ms Lina Monica Ali is a digital delivery professional with 20 years of experience in Computer Aided Design (CAD) in manufacturing, construction and consultancy of built
environment industry. Of which 8 years are in BIM creation and management specializing in Infrastructure design projects. She was involved in the digital delivery and management of transportation infrastructure projects, namely underground train network and aviation. And based on her exposure and experience, she have been accredited with Digital Delivery Management

Tier 2 – Digital Lead by building SMART Singapore in 2022. With her variety of experience on digital delivery in various built environment industries, she have been advocating digital transformation and adoption, and have been providing support by sharing her experiences and knowledge in digital delivery production, management and possible innovation.

Welcome Note & Panelist

Harihara Subramanian
Vice President & Chair of MIIP SIG and POY Awards,
Project Management Institute
Singapore Chapter



Mr Harihara serves as Vice President, and is Chair of MIIP-SIG & POY Awards at the PMI Singapore Chapter for the term 2023-24 in a voluntary capacity. With over 24 years of experience in industrial project delivery, he has successfully led numerous greenfield and brownfield multimillion-dollar complex industrial projects and programs across various sectors, mainly in Singapore, France, India. His expertise spans hi-tech industries such as Semicon, Solar/Photovoltaic (PV), facility infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, water, environmental pollution abatement, refinery, CCUS, petrochemical, chemical, and manufacturing. Currently, he holds the position of Senior Project Manager at Worley, a global professional services company specializing in the energy, chemicals, and resources sectors.

Harihara delivered numerous keynote speeches at international conferences and institutions on the topic of project management excellence. He has been a long-time PMI volunteer, dedicated to supporting the project management community. Harihara is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), SASM, and holds an MBA degree from Rutgers Business School, USA, as well as a Master of Science (CIM) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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