Avi Liran


Mr Avi Liran

Keynote Motivational Speaker ★ Delivering Delight ★ Lead With Values ★ Positive Leadership & Culture Transformation

Avi is on a mission to delight the world; one person, one workplace at a time.

Avi is the creator and designer of the edutainment concepts of “Delivering Delight” and “Leading with Values & Purpose” and “Joy-Care Leadership”. He has been researching the topic of effective appreciation since 2006.

He believes that everyone is a “Chief Delighting Officer.”

All it takes is to develop Awareness, cultivate Attitude and take conscious Actions.

His interactive talks and experiential programs focus on Positive Leadership, Values and Purpose to cultivate a Delightful Organisational Culture (DOC). Avi helps leaders and managers transform their culture to create a Delightful Employee Experience (DEX) that empowers employees to deliver a Delightful Customer Experience (DCX).

Avi has shared his thought-provoking, inspiring, content-rich, interactive, entertaining and always delightful presentations to delighted audiences across in 19 countries (so far) in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East (including Australia, Bhutan, China, Estonia, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey)

Avi’s practical approach leverages on his diverse international experience in leadership and management positions in the corporate and the public sectors. He was a VP of marketing in two ICT companies. As a diplomat (Economic, Trade and Tourism Attaché for Southeast Asia) he initiated and negotiated formation of two bi-lateral R&D and VC funds. He worked with Singapore Telcom to invest in the first 9 startup companies.

With a delighted client list, including Dell-EMC, Lenovo, Credit Suisse, Marriott, MBS, Visa, UOB Bank, Turkish Airlines and many other top organisations, you are set for a delightful and transformational learning experience..



Can you innovate and inspire creativity if you are surrounded by “yes people”? How do we chase away the elephants in the room and avoid “fake harmony”? How to inspire a culture of accountability and that embraces failure and rapid learning? In this interactive, thought provoking and entertaining talk, Avi shares with the audience candid “secrets” from ancient Jewish tradition and the modern Start-up Nation of Israel ways of life. Avi challenges the audience to expand their comfort zone to invite more critical conversations, debates and arguments and learn fun rituals for greater acceptance of failure.

What you will learn:

How to use “Mazal Tov” and “Ai Ya Yai” mindset to bounce back from failure and celebrate efforts and new learning.
How to dare to ask questions and argue your case effectively.
How to avoid the BMW trap (Blame, Moan and Whine)
How to dare to challenge the status quo by adopting “Chutzpa.”
Lessons from the Israeli Airforce debriefing methodology to instill radical sense of accountability to transform the culture into a learning organisation.