Vivek Kumar


Mr Vivek Kumar 维韦克

 Assistant Director-General, National Trades Union Congress; Director, Membership & Professional Networks, NTUC 

Vivek Kumar is an Assistant Director-General (ADG) with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC).

Under his leadership, his team grows the Labour Movement and builds relationships with 3-Generation NTUC members & networks, together with NTUC-affiliated unions and associations, NTUC Social Enterprises, NTUC U Associates & professional groups such as startups & technopreneurs.

Vivek is presently a board member of NTUC Link Pte Ltd, and NTUC Club. He is also a Board Member of Enterprise Singapore (Ministry of Trade and Industry) and Assurity Trusted Solutions (a wholly owned subsidiary of GovTech). He is the honorary Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Advisory Board of Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, a keynote speaker at regional conferences, and writes in selected business publications.

We 4.0 for Industry 4.0


Recent technological advances are fueling a debate on the role of humans in future economy. A new study has found that over 20% of Singapore’s full-time equivalent workforce will have their jobs displaced by 2028. With digitalisation and disruptive technology driving the 4th Industrial Revolution, businesses will demand a new kind of worker, aptly named Worker 4.0.

As we all discuss the forces shaping Industry 4.0, we must pay equal attention to what it would take us, the human workers at all levels, to be Worker 4.0. Vivek would discuss some of the insights he has gathered on how we could prepare ourselves.