Jiten Hanwat


Mr Jiten Hanwat

Founder, IEEE Blockchain Singapore

Jiten Hanwat is Senior Technology Leader, having 17 years’ experience of IT project management & consulting, with specialization in leading innovation & digitization using Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions.

Jiten is PgMP and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) certified professional.

He has led several multi-million dollars complex technology innovation and transformation programs, involving multiple systems & applications using offshore/onshore partners, vendors and in-house teams for global clients.

He has a broad and detailed knowledge of blockchain technology- including knowledge of key players, research, and trends. As a continuous learner, he regularly engages with Blockchain firms, FinTech accelerators and start-ups across APAC. Also participates in FinTech, Digital Banking, Innovation & Technology Industry events.

Blockchain -Embracing the change & prepare for future


The Blockchain technology has received increased interests in recent years, from both the scientific community and the industry. Businesses are not only exploring blockchain’s potential to streamline business processes, they are beginning to create actual applications for its use.

Gartner now forecasts that blockchain will generate an annual business value of over $175 billion by 2025 and rise to over $3 trillion by 2030. With this potential, business interest in blockchain has increased tremendously in the last two years.

While it’s still more common for tech enterprises to embrace this technology, the change definitely indicates that blockchain is gaining wider acceptance. More importantly, it’s gaining more confidence.

In this insightful talk, Jiten will share on the following:

• Understanding Blockchain – Separating the Hype from Reality
• Potentially valuable blockchain use case for your organization and, how to push past the hype and win organizational support and resources
• Consideration for project/program manager while building an enterprise blockchain project