Abhilash Ramachandran


Mr Abhilash Ramachandran

Digital Technical Engagement, Program Lead, CTO Office
IBM – IT Hardware, Software and Services

Abhilash IT industry executive with more than 20 years in various roles. Through these years he has gained experience in programming, operations management and program / project management. He considers the high point in his career when he got an opportunity to set up, nurture, operationalize, inspire and grow a team of 100 senior sales operations experts across 3 cities in India.

In his current role he is excited to create awareness, enrich, enthrall, enchant and lead change through stories.

Story Telling – The Harbinger of Change


Today’s corporate world is fluid and dynamic where change is the only constant. This session explores the important art of story telling and it’s rightful place in influencing change and inspiring values relevant for the workplace.

The presentation will address the “why?” (relevance) and the “how?” (how it works) in a very experiential setting.

Presentation will also examine how various organizations and people employ stories in real life to inspire values and influence change.