Jon Song


Mr Jon Song

NTUC LearningHub

Jon is an experienced senior manager that has worked in Accenture, Jardine Matheson and Lloyd’s. Having risen to the position of CEO in various companies since 2009, he has successfully managed teams and built effective organisations from Asia to Europe, Americas to Africa. The industries he has worked include Law, Finance, Banking, Technology, Management Consulting, Insurance, Education, Executive Search, Learning & Development and has founded several internet start-ups. The focus of Jon’s work is to help businesses succeed through learning using behavioural science and gamified instructional design. Jon has a Science degree from the University of Southern California, a MBA from Ivey Business School and a Leadership Executive Program from the London Business School. Jon is also a certified Master Trainer from Kotter International for Change Management with NTUC LearningHub.

 The Way Forward: Implementing Successful Change


The most challenging thing a person can do is to change the behaviour of another. With the pace of work constantly outpacing the ability of most managers to influence their staff to change, it is no wonder that 70% of change projects end up in failure and only 5% fully succeed. With Dr John Kotter’s 40 years of research and work in the area of effective organisational change, he is the foremost expert in helping organisations implement successful transformations. Dr Kotter is also the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus at Harvard Business School. In this keynote, explore an insightful overview and awareness of the journey that leaders need to take to facilitate successful change. Be equipped with useful change management strategies that you can apply immediately at the workplace.