Susan L. Bennett


Ms Susan Bennett

Director, Patient Engagement, Human Health IT
MSD International GmbH (Singapore Branch)

Susan is an experienced innovator and general manager. Her 25-year career spans from design to product and business development. Driven by a hunger to innovate, she has been able to pivot across oil & gas, telecommunications, agriculture and life science.

Prior to MSD, in December 2008 Susan co-founded CrossInnovation, LLC and was subsequently acquired by Accelerated Vision Group, LLC in March 2013. At those organizations, she led a talented team that successfully implemented a cognitive computing platform to solve business problems in retail, oil & gas and healthcare.

Susan earned a B.Sc. in Systems Design Engineering from University of Waterloo, Canada. This provided her with a foundation in designing and engineering systems with core concerns for the user and their environment. In 2008, for 7 years she continued formal studies through a private institution, the Aji Network, that provides business education with roots in biology and linguistics.


Working with Disruptors: How Lah?

From the perspective of another disruptor.


Working with disruptors means there are two sets of risks: risks with the disruptor and risks with the disruptions that they produce. The role of a PM is to cope effectively with those risks. But the speed with which these agents move adds an additional level of complexity. How does one anticipate, assess and cope with these risks? And what's the kind of social capital needed to cope? We'll discuss this and other questions from a personal career of being disruptive.