regina ong


Ms Regina Ong

Principal Technologist, Agile Coach
Singapore Airlines Limited

Regina’s interest in agile methodologies was first piqued in 2009 while working in product development for a market-leading Danish renewable energy company, Vestas Blades A/S. A firm believer of agile values as key in motivating teams and organizations to success, and often known as an innovation and people connector, Regina has honed her project management skills working in oil & gas, renewables and most recently, in the airline industry with Singapore Airlines Ltd.
Having been in product management and innovation roles with leading multinational companies in Europe, US and Asia, her experience includes scouting and developing new technologies, managing project and agile portfolios, coaching and training teams in both traditional and agile project methodologies.

Being Agile vs Doing Agile: Leading Teams for High Value Creation


As the world’s businesses become more competitive with the use of new technologies and business model innovation, many organisations see the need to transform. This increases the emphasis on launching products and services faster and with quality, i.e. shorter time-to-market. Agile methodologies, agile product management and Lean Startup are hence fast gaining traction with organisations, with approaches centred around iterative, incremental development, and the build-measure-learn adaptive loop.

The success of teams and organisations however do not just lie in following through the agile practices – A key factor is embodying common agile values. But what does this mean? How can PMOs and Project Managers achieve live the agile values and translate to successful, motivated project teams?

Understanding and practising the embodiment of key values for leadership is essential in the central role of the Project Manager and greatly influences successful project delivery.

This session looks at the approach of blending agile coaching for product delivery with practical and powerful ontological coaching to effect a more lasting change on an individual level, leading up to the team and organization level.