Event Registration and PDU related FAQ

1. How do I see other news articles and events on the Home page?

The columns will change content when the page is refreshed. This can be done by either clicking on the "refresh" button of your browser or by clicking on "WELCOME" on the left side menu.

2. How do I register for an event?

There are two (2) ways to register for an event. If it is an event on the main page, simply page down and you will see a hyperlink "More Information and/ Or Register". Click on the hyperlink, you would get to see the details of the event. Click the "Register for this Event" button at the bottom of the page. The second way to register would be: Click on the "Events" link on the left hand menu bar. It would list all the scheduled events Then click on the event you are interested to attend.

3. Where can I see the events I have previously registered for ?

Please login to the website using your PMI login ID. After logging in, "My Registrations" on top of the site to see the list of events you have previously registered for.

4. How do I report PDUs online for chapter events?

We will be submitting the PDUs on behalf of all attendees to events organised by PMI Singapore Chapter, according to your PMI ID. Please ensure that you have signed your attendance on each day of an event. Upon our submission of the PDUs, you would receive email acknowledgement from PMI.

5. Is my PDU and event attendance details updated to PMI database automatically after I attend a PMI Singapore Chapter event?

Yes, if you are eligible and provided your PMI ID.

6. Why is the event PDU code is not available n PMI website?
The PDU codes are not listed for public viewing, and we will be submitting the PDUs on behalf of all attendees to our event(s).


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