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Results Of Board Election for Yr 2019-2020

Results Of Board Election for Yr 2019-2020

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Dear Members,

It is my pleasure to announce the 2019-2020 board election results.

 Executive Committee Officers




 A. President 

 Chim Hock1

Mr. See Chim Hock


Vice Presidents (2)  
 Harihara1  Jessica1
Mr. S. Harihara Subramanian Ms. Jessica Sanchez Bernal


Honorary Secretary Honorary Assistant Secretary 
Ruchi1 Frankie1

Ms. Ruchi Singhal 

 Mr. Frankie Zhenzhong Shuai



 Honorary Treasurer Honorary Assistant Treasurer  
Rashid1 Ganesh1
 Mr. Rashid Mohiuddin Mr. Ramanathan Ganesh



Executive Committee     
Annie1     Neha1     Alicja1     Stefany1     Watana1
Ms. Annie L. Chong     Ms. Neha Tripathi     Ms. Alicja K. Kocanda     Ms. Stefany Maranghos     Ms. Watana Chong
Sanjay1     Cheng Boon1     Praveen1     Rakesh1      
Mr. Sanjay Singh Rawat     Mr. Poh Cheng Boon     Mr. Praveen Dayal     Mr. Rakesh Sharma      


 Board of Trustees (3 Year Term) 
AlexSiow1 Yap Tiem Yew1
 Mr. Alex Siow (2018-2021)  Mr. Yap Tiem Yew (2017-2020)


 Honorary Auditors 



Ms. Anna Marie Caber  Mr. Nithin Bomirasipeta
Please join me in thanking our Nominating Committee for their service, and in welcoming our new and returning Board members.



SPMI Election Committee 2019

D. M Priya (Chair)

Jane Lai

Sajeev Kumar Menon