Steven Pulman


Steven Pulman

Owner, Director, Entrepreneur & Project Manager

ASQ Projects

Steven Pulman is a seasoned entrepreneur with a keen eye for what makes organisations successful in the modern world. He founded Asq Projects in 2001 after an illustrious career in portfolio, programme, and project management. He brings 20 years of IT experience to the team, as well as global expertise from stints in the UK, Singapore, Beijing, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, project manager, consultant, and technical specialist, Steven understands how businesses work from all angles. He bridges the gap between technical knowledge and business expertise, allowing him to effortlessly shift gears as the situation requires.

Analytical and intellectual, Steven has a natural flair for problem-solving. He’s very good at understanding an organisation’s strategy and identifying what’s needed to achieve its goals. He thrives on uncovering hidden risks and opportunities that others often overlook.

Steven has worked in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, banking, finance, pharmaceutical, medical, government, and education. Today, he specialises in transformation and change management. He provides end-to-end consulting to help organisational leaders navigate periods of change and achieve ambitious outcomes.

“I like to fix things. I think outside the box and find innovative solutions to complex problems. I’m determined and stubborn – I won’t stop until I get the right result for my clients. I enjoy helping people, and I’ll do everything I can to support my clients, teams, and colleagues.”

Transformation and Change, are they the same thing? If they are distinct and different why is it important?

- Distinguishing between Change and Transformation, and why its important. -
Walk through the 10 distinctions that help identify between Transformation and change.
- How we can then identify the different skills, behaviours and tools we need to have to be successful.
- Transformation framework overview that can be used to facilitate and identify, measure and provide the skills, behaviours and tools we need