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Mushhood Zaheer

Product Owner and Agilist



Mushhood is a Product Owner and Agilist at MSD.

He is responsible for ensuring the software a team builds delights users and every dollar spent yields a product which the customer can immediately begin using.

A software product is just one part of the customer experience. Mushhood wants to evangelize the customer experience as the seminal place to begin whenever faced with an opportunity to build a product fit for purpose.

Project Managers are key partners in working with the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Dev Team to deliver software products which enrich the customer experience. In this 30 minute presentation Mushhood will share with you the key take away a Project Manager wanted to emphasize while working with 2 Agile Teams in the successful deployment of a custom solution for a business unit.

Project Managers & Scrum Teams - Delivering Business Value through delighted Users and Customer Experience Mapping