Karen Jacobsen


Karen Jacobsen - The GPS Girl®

You have heard our Speaker’s voice in over a billion devices giving directions in GPS devices worldwide, and as the original Australian "Siri" in iPhones. She is an award winning Singer and Songwriter, Author of two books, and Harry Connick Jr called her "hypnotic" on his national talk show. When she is not telling people where to go, she's practicing yoga or more likely playing ping pong with her 10 year old son. Please join me in welcoming from Australia now living in New York City, Entertainer, Author and the "only woman men will take directions from” 

 It Is Never Too Late To Recalculate – with The GPS Girl® Karen Jacobsen

  Is your organization in a time of transition?  

Do you find it difficult to Navigate Change?  

Are you ready to learn how to Recalculate through any challenge?  

Then you have reached your destination.   Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl® is as at-home in front of a conference audience as she is on center stage at a stadium. Her one-woman keynote presentation “Recalculate - Directions for Driving Performance Success" is an experience designed to support leaders in navigating change powerfully and making effective decisions.  

The GPS Girl’s guidance will be of most value if:  

1. It is important that you and your people be able to navigate change powerfully.

2. You are ready to learn how to Recalculate through any challenge.

3. You want to be entertained and inspired by "the only woman men will take directions from" while discovering how to listen to your Inner GPS.  

Most memorably you and your people will listen to directions like they never have before in The GPS Girl’s Aussie accent. The GPS Girl’s Recalculate presentation is designed to do three things:

• To give you the "5 Directions for Recalculating” process

• To build the ability to be solution-oriented and create a solution-oriented culture

• To increase your ability to drive results  

The GPS Girl® reveals how she navigated her way from the Great Barrier Reef to the Big Apple, overcoming chronic anxiety and financial disaster to become:  

• a voice in over a billion GPS and smartphone devices worldwide

• an award winning performer, singing The Star Spangled Banner at major sporting events at Madison Square Garden, Dodger Stadium and Fenway Park

• Founder of the empowerment brand

The GPS Girl® and Author of two books   With the combination of Karen’s voice and the message It Is Never Too Late To Recalculate, this is the one show they will never forget; leaving everyone engaged with their potential, and with long term tools to implement immediately.   If you are looking to zero in on what you need to deal with rapid change, ‘you have reached your destination.’ @thegpsgirl