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 Raed S. Haddad

Managing Director | Asia Pacific

 Strategy Execution 

Mr. Haddad serves as managing director of Strategy Execution for the Asia‐Pacific region. He will deliver on Strategy Execution APAC’s strategic plan in the most effective and efficient manner that serves our clients in the region and increases Strategy Execution’s presence in markets we serve as well as expanding into new markets. He will be accountable for the overall performance of the company and will focus on ensuring that our global, project based, training is making a difference to our clients’ organization.  Prior to this role, he was based in the US where he was responsible for Global Delivery Services with Strategy Execution. His focus was ensuring flawless delivery of Strategy Execution services where he leveraged automation, creative vendor management, and other strategies to ensure Strategy Execution’s competitive advantage.  Mr. Haddad worked directly with clients to develop innovative training strategies that drive performance improvement and led Strategy Execution’s Measurement Strategy where a global solution was implemented to measure training effectiveness and Value of Investment (VOI) for Strategy Execution’s clients.

Mr. Haddad’s more than 25 years of project management expertise across a range of industries including health care, technology, government, telecommunications and financial services has brought a lot of insights to Strategy Execution’s clients especially in how to leverage project management for strategic advantages.  Highly respected in the arenas of project management, talent management and measurement, Raed is an in-demand speaker at conferences, events and with executive audiences worldwide. Till 2011 he was a Professorial Lecturer at The George Washington University School of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering in Washington, DC, where he taught graduate level courses related to program and project management.  Raed holds a bachelor's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a master's degree in Engineering, both from the University of Rhode Island. Additionally, he holds an MS in Engineering Administration in Project Management & MIS from The George Washington University


Disrupt or Disappear! Developing Key NEXT Practices for Success in a VUCA Economy

Most organisations experience below par performance on nearly every project based initiative that is often separate and additional to all the strategic initiatives.  Furthermore, project based work (PBW), which are initiatives that become the vehicle to implement your strategy, is increasing in complexity and cost.  It is estimated that PBW will grow from 12 to 20 trillion over the next decade (Source: PMI Job Growth and Talent Gap Report 2017).

There is also a consensus that a critical leadership gap exists in most organisations. Most middle managers are promoted to their positions based on their technical capabilities. While some might possess the DNA to figure it out and adapt, most managers need to improve on the future- needed skills. These include: influencing without authority, making sense of complexity, new design thinking, etc. Most importantly, how do you change someone’s mindset and convince him/her that in spite of his or her great success so far, he or she needs to adapt to a new reality and work differently?

A hard pill to swallow for most. However, without this “AHA” moment along with a focused development plan to help increase the skills and influence attitudes the chances of success are significantly diminished.

After an exhaustive inside-out and outside-in review, and based on our work with many organisations, a new way of thinking emerged.  This presentation will discuss the mindsets, toolsets and skillsets needed to disrupt current state and develop “next” (not best) practices. A roadmap to develop the relational skills to help align strategy with work and navigate through the VUCA world that is all around us.