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Nick is a behavioural performance psychologist and team development expert, helping teams to achieve even greater success.  An accredited project manager and formerly a Change Director with Barclays, Nick has experience of working on global projects.  He is now an award-winning international facilitator and conference speaker, with over 20 years’ experience of leading and working with teams and speaking at conferences in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Far East and the USA.  He is CEO of a training company called Ngagementworks, the creator of the Team DyNAmics© Model of engagement and is an author, publishing articles on personal and team development via his website Yours Behaviourally.

Nick has spoken at almost 500 conferences (SPMI Symposium will be the 500th conference)  and his style has been described as “infotainment” valuable information delivered in an entertaining way.  Nick lives in Bournemouth, UK and in his leisure time, Nick loves travel, is a keen amateur photographer and supporter of his city of births football team, Plymouth Argyle.  His claim to fame is that he is the first person born in Plymouth to complete the Edgewalk around the top of the CN Tower in Toronto.

 Cracking The Code Of High-Performance Teamwork

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Statistics continue to highlight that 70% of change and projects fail to achieve the goals set by the business.  The top three reasons for this failure, all relate to people.  It is time therefore to take action and transform the way in which individuals within project teams work collaboratively together.

In this interactive and engaging presentation, Nick Fewings, CEO of Ngagementworks will share the importance of the What, Who and How of effective teamwork and provide practical knowledge, hints and tips to support you and your project team achieve even greater success in the future and in doing show, share the highly-regarded Team DyNAmics Model he created.


By the end of the presentation, delegates will have:

An understanding of the top reasons why change fails

Recognised the importance of the What, Who and How in achieving success

Experienced the Team DyNAmics Model, an enabler of high-performance teamwork

Been provided with hints and tips to increase team effectiveness

Enjoyed the learning experience and feel motivated to put the learning into action