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Robin Speculand

Founder & CEO

Bridges Business Consultancy 

The current approach to implementing strategy is not working, and a different thinking is required.

Robin Speculand is driven to transform strategy implementation by inspiring leaders to change their attitude and approach. His work begins when leaders are crafting their organizations’ strategy and starting to define how to implement it.

Robin is a global pioneer and expert in strategy implementation. He is the founder and CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int and creator of the Implementation Hub—the first portal in the world dedicated to strategy implementation and featuring over 500 resources. Since assisting its first client, Singapore Airlines, Bridges has worked with governments, multinational corporations and local organizations across five continents to execute their strategies. Guiding Bridge’s clients’ implementation journeys involves transferring knowledge, tools and templates developed over two decades. Tools Robin has innovated include the Implementation Compass™, a proprietary framework for successful implementation, IMPACT, a toolkit with a structured approach for implementing actions in 90 days and Readiness2Execute, an audit of your organization’s execution capabilities.

A prolific writer and thinker on implementing strategy, Robin is an international bestselling author. His books include Bricks to Bridges–Make Your Strategy Come Alive, which set the benchmark for new thinking in his field, Beyond Strategy–The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation, John Wiley & Sons, Building Your Execution Plan–182 Strategy Implementation Questions and his latest, Excellence in Execution–HOW to Implement Strategy, Morgan James, that provides a new approach to adopting the right mindset, toolset and skillset.

His pioneering work has been featured on various media: BBC U.K. & Global, CNBC, Financial Times, Sunday Telegraph and Singapore Straits Times and in strategy journals and international print.

A sought-after keynote speaker at strategy and international business forums, Robin is also an award-winning case writer, an educator for Duke CE, the co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute, and an adjunct faculty member at the Office of Executive and Professional Education in Singapore Management University. Outside of work, he’s a die-hard ironman athlete.

Robin Speculand is a global pioneer and expert in strategy implementation.

Transforming in a Disruptive World

The average life of an organization has been reduced by 50 years in the last 50 years. In the 1960s, it was 67 years; today, it is 17 years, and the impact of that 50-year difference is immense.

Leaders now need to be increasingly more aware of their strategic landscape, conscious of their business operating model and constantly thinking strategically. This dramatic change in business transformation is affected by artificial intelligence, algorithms, augmented and virtual reality, nanotechnology, and other new technologies. Many companies race to adopt digital transformation while others race to stay in business.

In this engaging and entertaining keynote, Robin Speculand shares what it takes to transform in a disruptive world by sharing the three broad themes for transformation and uncommon practices from successful leaders in a disruptive world.

A recognized pioneer and expert in strategy implementation, Robin Speculand is driven to transform strategy implementation globally by inspiring leaders to adopt a different approach. The founder and CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int, he created the Implementation Hub, the world’s first online portal dedicated to strategy implementation. His work begins as clients are crafting their strategy and starting to think about the implementation. This international bestselling author has sold more than 40,000 books worldwide and been featured on BBC, Channel News Asia and CNBC. His latest book is Excellence in Execution - HOW to Implement Your Strategy, with the foreword by Piyush Gupta, DBS, CEO.