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Mentoring Program Kicked off Batch #3

Mentoring Program Kicked off Batch #3

We are pleased to have kicked off batch #3 of our mentoring program on 31 August 2020. This time around, we could benefit from the REMO platform that we used to host the 15th Symposium virtually. This helped us ensure an easy flow of the one-on-one meetings during the mentor-mentee pairing exercise since.

We had 15 rounds of mentor-mentee one-on-one video interviews at each mentor's table. With 7 minutes per round, we managed to complete this exercise within 2.5 hrs as planned.

Our next step is to pair mentors with mentees based on matching their top 5 preferences.Once the pairing is complete, they will start with agreeing on their session goals and continue with mentoring sessions till the mid-way review that will be held on 11 December 2020.

Batches 1, 2 and 3 will assess, share their stories and lessons learnt during the final wrap up and celebration event on 11 March 2021.


Mentoring Remo Map

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