24-08-2017 7:00 pm -9:00 pm
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817

Please join us for a 2-hour seminar covering the most crucial elements of Technopreneurship. The strategy of a technopreneur must be transformed into tactically viable projects for implementation with the right processes to be executed by the right people, and equip them with the right tools/technologies for total productivity and optimization of resources (money, method, manpower, material, minute).

The 2-hour seminar will focus on the 6As of Technopreneurship:

  • Awareness - understand the difference between intrapeneur, entrepreneur and technopreneur
  • Alignment - technopreneur is a person; technopreneurship is a process to nurture the innovative spirit of an employee who is teachable and can be further developed
  • Action - management for effective integration of people, process and tools; leadership for effective execution by converting strategy into projects for successful implementation; technopreneurship for effective innovation by challenging the norm and to transform expensive and sophisticated products/services/solutions into simple and affordable ones
  • Adoption - in the era of the VUCA and 4th industrial revolution, routine work will be replaced by digital work and automation for higher productivity; to stay employable everyone has to adopt a lifelong learning attitude to be accountable for improving and advancing the competency level to cope with the impact of globalization caused by the advent of new technology life cycle
  • Assurance - continuous improvements is no longer an option; lean six sigma, reverse innovation, disruptive innovation are all good concepts until it is implementable; the ultimate key performance indicators are universal, i.e. cost, quality, speed, flexibility, delivery promise
  • Anticipation - risk is an uncertain event and unavoidable; risk can be transform from threats into opportunities; nevertheless risk response action plan must be planned in advanced to cater for any unforeseen circumstances because technology can become obsolete overnight.
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22-03-2018 8:00 am - 23-03-2018 6:00 pm
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